New Product - ADAPT X Upper Limb Liner

The ADAPT X Upper Limb liner is a silicone gel liner with mineral oil embedded in the silicone providing additional healing factor to the skin. The liner is made of medical grade silicone and durable seamless fabric on the outside for easy donning and doffing application.

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Regal Prosthesis website revamped and launched with patients in mind

We offer our patients comfortable, easy-to-use, quality and cosmetic products, and have applied the same treatment to our website. By anchoring our brand around an important new brand expression, “Step Toward Tomorrow”, Regal combines the physical prosthesis service and enriched our patients experience with and through us. By extension, our website should do the same – be functional, friendly place that does more than display our products. With clear navigation, user-friendly online catalogue and understandable language, we’re ready when you’re ready to step toward tomorrow.

Operating under Covid-19

Since 2020 January, Hong Kong has experienced the influence of Covid-19, then our customers all around the world started having the same issues from March. It is a challenge. But we have been putting a lot of measures to keep our office and factory floor to be a safe place to work. Our operation has never been interrupted, we will continue to support our customers around the world, especially in this difficult time.

COVID 19 en regal prosthesis

New Product - Dial Lock Strap System with Magnetic Buckle

With a self-locating and locking magnetic buckle, the Dial Lock Strap System with Magnetic Buckle reduces the wear and tear of repetitive hooking and unhooking. With a 1mm increment adjustment dial, the system is designed to allow the patient easy and complete control of the fit and tension between the medical device and residual limb.

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New Product - Dial Lock Strap System with Hook and Loop

With a 1mm increment adjustment dial, the Dial Lock Strap System with Hook and Loop is designed to allow the patient easy and complete control of the fit and tension between the medical device and residual limb.

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New Product - EZ Adapt Lock

EZ ADAPT components allow you to fabricate a low-profile socket much easier, providing modular versatility to rotate as needed without any hassle.

The EZ ADAPT LOCK is a Titanium adapter with a male pyramid on one end and threaded pylon on the opposite end. This titanium lock with serrated pin type attachment gives the ultimate advantage in strength and versatility when space is limited. The EZ LOCK is a light space saving device which also provides the benefit of rotation. The push button can also be cut to length if needed.

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New Product - ToeFlex

Designed for a purpose, TOEFLEX offers the functional movement of an anatomical ankle and foot. The Innovative design of the TOEFLEX, promotes a functional and dynamic motion through the split carbon heel, multi-axial ankle, and independent split toe features which provides additional leverage for improved balance and smoothness during gait.

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Featured Product - Ridge flex Ankle Joint (pediatric)

Based on the positive feedback on the Ridge Flex Ankle Joint (Adult version), we launched the pediatric version. Due to the strength and support offered by the flexible elastomer Prepalon, the RidgeFlex Ankle Joint (Pediatric version) also represents the optimal balance between flexibility and rigidity. Under the same structure as the adult version, the continuous fiber and elastomer blend technology design in pediatric version offers proper support while enabling smooth movement and rotation control.

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International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) 17th World Congress in Kobe, Japan

From 5-8 October 2019, Regal Prosthesis attended the ISPO 17th World Congress in Hall 2 of the Kobe International Exhibition Hall in Kobe, Japan. Every two years, the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) invites global professionals involved in the care of persons in need of prosthetic, orthotic, mobility and assistive devices to the ISPO World Congress. This year, Regal Prosthesis joined together with 154 exhibitors from 38 countries; and more than 4,300 participants from 94 countries to celebrate “Basics to Bionics” – the breadth of unique and multidisciplinary skills in the ISPO.

The 39th China (Changzhou) International Assistive Products & International Welfare Machine Expo

From the 28th to the 30th of June 2019, the 39th China International Assistive Products & International Welfare Machine Expo took place at Changzhou International Conference and Exhibition Center. Drawing medical rehabilitation institutions, welfare institutions, research institutes, the media and other rehabilitation-aid-related partners from around the world, Regal Prosthesis contributed their expertise. Regal hosted a stall, featuring and introducing many prosthetics and orthotics to the wider rehabilitation aid community.

China (Beijing) International Assistive Products Exposition 2018

Hosted by the China Association of Assistive Products, The China International Assistive Products Exposition took place on 7 to 9 June 2018 at the ETRONG International Exhibition & Convention Center in Beijing; Regal Prosthesis was among the many attendees and exhibitors. Connecting with the assistive product industry, Regal presented silicone cosmetic prostheses, prosthetics and orthotic equipment available in their product catalogue.

Arab Health Exhibition 2018 in Dubai, UAE

Together with dignitaries, delegates, speakers and other exhibitors, Regal Prosthesis attended the Arab Health Exhibition and Congress 2019 on 29 January to 1 February 2018 at the Dubain International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The exhibition was dedicated to new technologies within healthcare, such as wearable devises, monitoring devices, homecare devices and more. Regal was honoured to join leading healthcare providers and medical device companies, and celebrate the growing industry.

Providing what your knee needs with the Regal S Series Prosthetic Kneejoints

This series of six stylish, yet simplistic, mechanical kneejoints gives you the specific support you need for well-rounded care. Your safety and security is our goal. With varying options between 4-bar and 5-bar, pneumatic or manual lock, we fit you with the kneejoint that suits your lifestyle and eases your day to day activity.

Regal S series Prosthetic Kneejoint regal prosthesis

Mauritian amputee takes new knee for a test walk in Hong Kong

The office of Regal Prosthesis Ltd. is often the place many amputees from around the world find a new lease on life. Coming all the way from the island nation of Mauritius, our patient was fitted with his new kneejoint by the passionate staff at Regal. Under the watchful eyes of Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist, Mr. Du, the newest Regal Prosthesis prosthetic owner took his first steps toward rehabilitation.

Amputee tested new kneejoint at Regal Prosthesis Ltd. office.

Regal sponsored micro film wins first runner up

In the beginning of 2016, Regal Prosthesis Ltd. became a proud sponsor of the micro film “The Beauty of Regret”. The film follows a frustrated foot amputee on his journey from hurt to healing with the help of his loved ones, his dreams and a Regal prosthesis. “The Beauty of Regret” was submitted to the “Make a Better Tomorrow” Micro Film Competition and was awarded first runner up. Please see the trailer of this incredible micro film below.