Features and Benefits

Designed for a purpose, TOEFLEX offers the functional movement of an anatomical ankle and foot. The Innovative design of the TOEFLEX, promotes a functional and dynamic motion through the split carbon heel, multi-axial ankle, and independent split toe features which provides additional leverage for improved balance and smoothness during gait. TOEFLEX is particularly suitable for bilateral patients and AK patients.


  • Material: Carbon Fiber composites
  • Ankle: Multi-axial ankle
  • Heel Height: 10mm
  • Connector: Stainless Steel Male Pyramid

Product Specifications

Product CodeSizeBuild HeightProduct WeightUser Weight Rating
1-01-TF-23-2423, 242.58"487.8g125kg (275lbs)
1-01-TF-25-2625, 262.65"528.3g125kg (275lbs)
1-01-TF-27-2827, 282.77"580.6g125kg (275lbs)


Foot Shell

Product NameSizeSideColorProduct Code
Foot Shell23cmLeftBeige1-01-FS-L-23
Foot Shell23cmRightBeige1-01-FS-R-23
Foot Shell24cmLeftBeige1-01-FS-L-24
Foot Shell24cmRightBeige1-01-FS-R-24
Foot Shell25cmLeftBeige1-01-FS-L-25
Foot Shell25cmRightBeige1-01-FS-R-25
Foot Shell26cmLeftBeige1-01-FS-L-26
Foot Shell26cmRightBeige1-01-FS-R-26
Foot Shell27cmLeftBeige1-01-FS-L-27
Foot Shell27cmRightBeige1-01-FS-R-27
Foot Shell28cmLeftBeige1-01-FS-L-28
Foot Shell28cmRightBeige1-01-FS-R-28
Foot Shell23cmLeftBrown1-01-FS-L-23B
Foot Shell23cmRightBrown1-01-FS-R-23B
Foot Shell24cmLeftBrown1-01-FS-L-24B
Foot Shell24cmRightBrown1-01-FS-R-24B
Foot Shell25cmLeftBrown1-01-FS-L-25B
Foot Shell25cmRightBrown1-01-FS-R-25B
Foot Shell26cmLeftBrown1-01-FS-L-26B
Foot Shell26cmRightBrown1-01-FS-R-26B
Foot Shell27cmLeftBrown1-01-FS-L-27B
Foot Shell27cmRightBrown1-01-FS-R-27B
Foot Shell28cmLeft Brown1-01-FS-L-28B
Foot Shell28cmRightBrown1-01-FS-R-28B

Spectra Sock

Product NameSizeProduct Code
Spectra Sock23-25cm1-01-SS
Spectra Sock26-28cm1-01-SSL


Product NameHardnessBody WeightProduct Code
Yellow Bumper3050-70kg1-01-BUMP-YL
Red Bumper4070-90kg1-01-BUMP-RE
Blue Bumper5090-130kg1-01-BUMP-BL

Foot Shell Remover

Product NameProduct Code
Foot Shell Remover Tool1-01-FSTOOL


Please click here to watch the demonstration video.