Dial Lock Strap System with Magnetic Buckle


Features and Benefits

With a self-locating and locking magnetic buckle, the Dial Lock Strap System with Magnetic Buckle reduces the wear and tear of repetitive hooking and unhooking. With a 1mm increment adjustment dial, the system is designed to allow the patient easy and complete control of the fit and tension between the medical device and residual limb.


  • Self-locating and locking magnetic buckle
  • Magnetic buckle rated to 80kg (198lbs)
  • Prefabricated and durable
  • Adjustable hook and loop closure
  • Easy to install
  • 100mm (4") of adjustment capability
  • Cut to size

Product Specifications

Product CodeWidthUsable Strap Max LengthUsable Strap Min Length
5-01-DS20038mm (1.5")550mm (21.63")450mm (17.63")