Putting On and Taking Off

How do I put on my silicone prosthesis?

Start by making sure the limb intended for prosthesis is dry and clean, then apply a thin layer of “water-based” lotion. Make sure to use water-based lotion because oil-based lubricants like baby oil or Vaseline can be absorbed by the prosthesis, meanwhile water-based lotion allows your prosthesis to slip right into place. Also, keep in mind that too much lotion may cause the prosthesis to rotate, but do not worry, just remove the excess lotion and try again.

How do I clean my silicone prosthesis?

Easily! Just use soap and water. If you get oil on the prosthesis, quickly clean it off with soapy water. Also, never soak your prosthesis with any type of solvent such as rubbing alcohol or thinner because this could damage the prosthesis.

If I heat the glove, will it come off easier?

Silicone is a very stable material, so heat does not change the stretch or form of silicone.

Sometimes it is hard to take off my silicone finger because of strong suction, are there any tips to make it easier to remove?

Pinch the side of the prosthesis to let air pass through the fingertip while gently pull out the prosthesis. Do not try to directly pull the silicone finger because that will just increase the suction, but pinch and lightly pull until it comes off.

Handling and Care

Is it possible to remove the inner foam hand from Model 102LS, 102LSL, 102L and 102LL?

Do not remove the inner foam hand yourself or your warranty will be void. If the glove is torn during the removal of the inner foam hand, the warranty will not cover it either. We want to make sure you can keep your helping hand for as long as possible.

Can I wear the silicone prosthesis overnight?

It is good to let your skin breath and your blood circulate normally so we recommend you remove the prosthesis overnight. When you wake up, your prosthesis will feel fresh and ready for a new day.

Is a silicone prosthesis durable?

We use silicone because it is durable and feels similar to real flesh and skin. If you take good care of your prosthesis, it can be by your side for years. If you find a tear or cut in your prosthesis, talk to your certified prosthetist as soon as possible.

Can my silicone prosthesis be placed under direct sunlight?

While we want you to get out and enjoy the sun, just like most items, direct sunlight can wear away color. To maintain compatible coloring, we suggest staying away from over-exposing your prosthesis to the sun or UV lights.

Sometimes my clothes stick to my prosthesis, is there anything I can do about it?

We have a Smooth Coating (SC) remedy that makes it easier for you to slide clothes over your prosthesis, but you can also just put something like a bag or cloth over the prosthesis before removing clothing. For more information about our Smooth Coating (SC), contact us or your certified prosthetist.

Can I use my glove to push myself up or to control a steering wheel?

Our products are to empower your future with confidence through cosmetic aids, but our products are for cosmetic purposes only and excessive pressure should not be put on them. For your safety, they also should not be used to operate machinery like driving a car, pushing baby trolley or wheelchair etc.


What is the full range of the colors offered?

We have 36 colors are available, from fair to dark. We would love to show you what we can give you, so please ask for a Regal color sample. However we want to make our patients feel comfortable with their new additions, so we have custom coloring availability. Please ask for more information on “Color Selection.”

Why doesn’t the color of the product match the exact color I selected from the color sample?

Different models have different silicone thickness, which will affect the color appearance. The filling inside the product will also affect the color appearance. Plus, color fabrication is handcrafted, it is normal to have variance.

How do the colors match with other brand’s system?

Our colors are not comparable to other brand's gloves. With silicone’s transparent base we can select colors that are the most appropriate to age, gender, size and skin tone of each patient.

For the dual coloring option, why doesn’t my prosthesis’ palm color match the Regal color I chose?

We want your prosthesis to as closely resemble your sound side as it can, so with our Dual Coloring option we layer at least two colors for the palms. We take into consideration color samples provided as well as the top side of the prosthesis to make sure it is right for you. Through Dual Coloring, your glove is customized to you.

How to select color?


My prosthesis glove is a little heavy, is there anything I can do to make it lighter?

Our passive hands are made with standard foam filling, with options of silicone filling or silicone and foam filling. All the densities of different fillings are optimized for durability for the weight suitable for the patient, therefore, we do not recommend any change in the density of the filling.

Thinning or Feathering

The edge of my glove is a little bulky, is there a way to make it look better?

The thickness of the edge is optimized for the durability of the prosthesis. Although thinner edges may look nicer, it will also split easier causing damage to the product.

Why do parts of my glove feel thicker than others?

Glove thickness differs between applications. In myo gloves, for example, the silicone in the fingertips are reinforced with fabric to increase durability. In this case, the fingertip may be slightly thicker than the silicone in the palm.

Sizing and Fit

How do you choose which hand style is for me?

We will review the measurements of the palm circumference and select the closest sizes from the Regal Size Measurement Chart. From the closest sizes we will choose the cosmetic appearance that most closely resembles you. If our sizes do not match you in one style, then we will choose the next best match or you may choose a semi-custom made (SCM) option. If you would like to know more, please ask for more information on “Semi Custom Made (SCM) cases.”

How do you choose between multiple single fingers or a partial handglove?

One important factor when choosing between different models is the suspension of the prosthesis. We need to make sure the prosthesis will not fall off from you, so the ideal situation is the model with minimum coverage and the best suspension.

Which models fit OttoBock’s Myoelectric hands?

All Model 100/100L gloves match OttoBock’s Myoelectric hand, please refer to the size chart on our catalogue Page 31.

When fitting my patient with a long glove, why can't I find the elbow imprint?

Regal previous version of long glove had elbow imprinted, but some customers feedback the patient’s elbow and the prosthesis’ did not match, that’s why we remove the imprinted to avoid such situation.

What measurements are needed?

We have examples showing the measurements that need to be taken here. A video on how to measure is also available here.

Why do I need a Trial Prosthesis in Semi Custom Made?

We use the Trial Prosthesis to check the fit and color. Once the Final Prosthesis is fabricated, modifications are no longer available. Therefore, we need to make sure everything fits from dimension and suspension to inner filling in the trial stage.

* Please note that the color on the trial prosthesis is a single base color. All the nail color, reddish color, and upgrade features will not be added until the Final prosthesis.

Why does the Trial Prosthesis take a long time to make?

We want to make sure we get a good start on your prosthesis. Once we gather your data in term of photos, cast and measurements, we start the Trial fabrication, which is the most complicated process of the whole Semi Custom Made procedure. After all, quality and high craftsmanship takes some time.

What should I do if my Trial Prosthesis doesn’t feel or fit right?

Write it down and mark it up. Follow the guideline in the Trial Modification Form (TMOD), tell us all the adjustments based on the Trial Prosthesis. You can even mark the modification right on the Trial Prosthesis and send back it to us. Then we will fabricate the Final Prosthesis based on your comments. Please contact us for more information on “Trial Modification”.

Options: Cut-out for partial digits on semi-custom hands

Are there any options if I have remaining digits?

We will work with what you have. We will make cut-out sections that will be tapered to fit around individual remaining finger and around multiple toes to ensure blood circulation.

Options: Acrylic Nails

Can I paint my prosthesis’s nail with nail polish?

You cannot paint the prosthesis’s nail unless the prosthesis has acrylic nails. Just make sure you use acetone-free nail polish remover when you want to switch colors.

Are acrylic nails covered by warranty?

Please see limited warranty.

Can I replace the acrylic nails on the prosthesis glove by myself?

Unfortunately, we would like to be there when replacing your nails, so please consult us or your certified prosthetist when replacing is desired.

Can I apply acrylic nails to my old prosthesis glove?

The acrylic nail upgrade is only available to patients with new Regal prosthesis.

Options: Smooth Coating (SC)

What is smooth coating?

Smooth Coating is a layer of material that gives your prosthesis a smoother surface, which can make sliding clothes over your prosthesis easier. Additionally it provides an extra layer to protect the silicone underneath.

Do I need to be more careful with prosthesis with Smooth Coating?

Only when it comes to inks. If pen ink, newspaper ink or any other ink spills or rubs off on a prosthesis with Smooth Coating, wash it with soap and warm water as soon as possible.

Do I need to take any special care when cleaning a glove with Smooth Coating?

Not necessary, but if you have been using a brush or rougher scrub consider using a sponge or cloth.

Will the smooth coating wear off?

Like a well-loved running shoe, the Smooth Coating will wear off over time of repeated use.

Is Smooth Coating covered by warranty?

No, our warranty does not cover the smooth coating from daily wear and tear.

Can Smooth Coating only be applied to new products?

Yes, so make sure you let us know you want Smooth Coating when ordering.

Options: Zippers

What prosthesis has a zipper option?

For quick put on and take off, zippers are available in all partial hands, partial feet and most passive hands.

How do I clean the zipper and how often?

We suggest cleaning the zipper everyday with a soft toothbrush. While you are cleaning your prosthesis with soap and water just take the toothbrush and gently brush all the ins and outs of the zipper.

Options: Custom Fillings

What options do I have for custom fillings?

We have foam, silicone and a mix of both, and based on different models and different residual limb conditions, we have different option recommendations.

Ready Made vs. Semi-Custom Made (SCM)

What is difference between Ready Made and Semi Custom Made (SCM)?

Ready Made prostheses are off-the-shelf products, premade to suit standardized sizes and the majority of patients. Semi-Custom Made (SCM) prostheses are modified and customized for individual cases – to fit every residual limb snuggle for uninhibited everyday use.

Please see the following table for the difference:

Ready-madeSemi-Custom Made (SCM)
Measurements adjustment based on existing sizesNoYes
Modify nail shape or skin patternNoNo
Trial prosthesis*NoYes
What is difference between Trial and Final Prosthesis?

Base color (either single or dual color)YesYes
Color shading and red pigmentationNoYes
Nail detailsNoYes
Upgrade featuresNoYes
Carbon footplate in HDSF seriesNoYes

What do I get when I order Semi Custom Made (SCM) product?

After our customer service confirm with you all the order details, we will fabricate a Trial prosthesis. Trial prosthesis shows only the base color. The purpose of the Trial prosthesis is to let the patient to check measurements, base color, and the shape of the inner filling, as well as, to show the actual nail shape and skin pattern.

Please fill in the TMOD form for your Trial comment. Then we will fabricate the Final prosthesis according to your comment.

If your comment requires size change or any other significant adjustment, we may recommend a 2nd Trial. If a 3rd Trial is required, then additional charge will apply.

Cast taking for Semi-Custom Made: Hand

Please click here to watch the demonstration video.

How To Order

How can I order a Ready Made item?

To order your Ready Made item, please select your order’s specifications in the following sequence: model- gender- side- size- color. If you are ordering an item in the child size, please add a "C" before the size (i.e., "CM" for a child-sized medium).

If you are unsure of the size you want to order, please leave the size specification blank and contact our customer support at info@regalprosthesis.com.

If you want to order additional options, please specify the option codes after the ordering sequence ( i.e., model- gender- side-gender- side- size- color- ACRN-SC). The options in this example are ACRN for Acrylic Nail and SC for Smooth Coating. Option codes can be found in the Options Section.

Finally, please send the order specification to info@regalprosthesis.com.

How can I order a Semi Custom Made (SCM) item?

We offer self-guided order forms. Simply download the appropriate form (S1-S6) from the download page and fill in the form. Once you have completed the form, please email the order form to info@regalprosthesis.com.

If you have any difficulties filling in the form, contact our customer support at info@regalprosthesis.com.

How can I give you comments about my Trial prosthesis?

We offer self-guided order forms. Simply download the appropriate form (TMOD1-TMOD4) from the download page and fill in the form. Once you have completed the form, please email the order form to info@regalprosthesis.com.

If you have any difficulties filling in the form, contact our customer support at info@regalprosthesis.com.