Multicolor soft pad


Features and Benefits


  • Moldable at 100-140°C/212-284°F on the heating plate or in the convection oven
  • Wide variety of color options

Product Specifications

Product CodeThicknessSizeColor
4-02-MP-2-WTBK2mm2m x 1mwhite black
4-02-MP-4-WTBK4mm2m x 1mwhite black
4-02-MP-2-PUBK2mm2m x 1mpurple black
4-02-MP-4-PUBK4mm2m x 1mpurple black
4-02-MP-2-MCOL2mm2m x 1mmulti color
4-02-MP-4-MCOL4mm2m x 1mmulti color
4-02-MP-2-ARMY2mm2m x 1marmy
4-02-MP-4-ARMY4mm2m x 1marmy
4-02-MP-2-PKBK2mm2m x 1mpink black
4-02-MP-4-PKBK4mm2m x 1mpink black
4-02-MP-2-BLWT2mm2m x 1mblue white
4-02-MP-4-BLWT4mm2m x 1mblue white
4-02-MP-2-YLBK2mm2m x 1myellow black
4-02-MP-4-YLBK4mm2m x 1myellow black