Carbon braid


Features and Benefits


  • 12 strand count
  • Available in a wide variety of widths and lengths

Product Specifications

Product CodeWidth Length
4-02-C-TB-3-103 inch10 feet
4-02-C-TB-3-503 inch50 feet
4-02-C-TB-4-104 inch10 feet
4-02-C-TB-4-504 inch50 feet
4-02-C-TB-5-105 inch10 feet
4-02-C-TB-5-505 inch50 feet
4-02-C-TB-6-106 inch10 feet
4-02-C-TB-6-506 inch50 feet
4-02-C-TB-8-108 inch10 feet
4-02-C-TB-8-508 inch50 feet
4-02-C-TB-10-1010 inch10 feet
4-02-C-TB-10-5010 inch50 feet