Ultra6 carbon tube braid


Features and Benefits

The Ultra6 carbon tape braid is thinner and lighter than standard 12K carbon without sacrificing strength. Cost is very competitive comparing to regular 12K carbon braid.


  • 6K strand count
  • Conforms tightly to form
  • Lays out with smooth finish
  • Available in a wide variety of widths and lengths

Product Specifications

Product CodeWidthLength
4-02-ULTC-TB-3-103 inch10 feet
4-02-ULTC-TB-3-503 inch50 feet
4-02-ULTC-TB-4-104 inch10 feet
4-02-ULTC-TB-4-504 inch50 feet
4-02-ULTC-TB-5-105 inch10 feet
4-02-ULTC-TB-5-505 inch50 feet
4-02-ULTC-TB-6-106 inch10 feet
4-02-ULTC-TB-6-506 inch50 feet
4-02-ULTC-TB-8-108 inch10 feet
4-02-ULTC-TB-8-508 inch50 feet
4-02-ULTC-TB-10-1010 inch10 feet
4-02-ULTC-TB-10-5010 inch50 feet


Please click here to watch the demonstration video.