Hand-crafted products may experience slight differences between the product pictured and the final product.

Silicone Prosthetic Toe


Features and Benefits

Our silicone prosthetic toes restore balance from the foot up and prepare each user for their next steps.


  • High definition toes
  • 36 color shades
  • Semi-Custom Made creation process
  • More durable and long lasting with silicone filling
  • Customizable footband for comfort
  • Designed for toe amputations
  • Wide array of upgrade features available

Color Selection

Please click here to watch the demonstration video.

Cosmetic and Surface Enhancement Options


Dual Coloring (Product Code Example: D2P1 (Dorsal color 2, Palmar color 1)

  • Users may select two colors from Regal color sample to be used for the dorsal and palmar/plantar sides of the prosthesis.
  • Since all our silicone prosthesis are handmade, in Dual Coloring the transition line and the palmar/plantar sides may not blended exactly according to patient’s request.

Custom Coloring (Produce Code: CC)

  • For an even more authentic appearance, we can also custom mix the color of the prosthesis to suit each user’s skin tone. The below samples would be required for fabrication:
    - The Color sample from previous prosthesis or from another manufacturer
    - Photos of the user’s hands

X Series (Product Code: X)

  • Nails are enhanced for a more natural look, additional shading is applied to each finger, and realistic hairs are implanted in each finger for added authenticity.

Acrylic Nails (Product Code: ACRN)

  • Acrylic nails in a French manicure style are carefully trimmed, grinded and adhered onto each silicone nail for a more elegant, refined look.

Smooth Coating (Product Code: SC)

A layer of smooth coating can be applied, resulting in a surface that produces less friction, is more durable, and feels more similar to real skin.

Structural Change Options

Custom Filling

Using silicone filling to fill up the cavity of the Regal Silicone Prosthesis, replacing the amputated area. The resulting shape conforms to the stump for a comfortable fit.

Silicone Filling (Product Code: S)

  • Wear-resistant and easily cleansed. For amputations with small volumes, such as for half of a finger, Silicone filling is recommended as a more durable option.


  • ISO13485:2016 Medical Devices Quality Management System Certification
  • ISO9001:2015 Quality management system certification
  • CE certification
  • Silicone prosthesis test according to ISO standard
  • Silicone prosthesis flammability test
  • Silicone prosthesis toxicity test
  • FDA registered

Buying Process

Semi-custom Made creation process (We will select the size for you)

Select Model
Measurement & Select Size
Select Options and Color
Cast Taking
Order Placement
Trial prosthesis
Final prosthesis

Click here to see the demonstration on Cask Taking for Semi-custom Made creation process.

Instruction for Use

Please download the instruction for use here: