PAC Cervical collar


Features and Benefits

Molded and shaped from foam for the individual patient, the PAC Cervical collar provides rigid immobilization of the cervical spine through easily adjustable hook and loop closure.


  • Fabricated of lightweight closed cell foam
  • Designed for breathability and ventilation
  • Sale while stock last
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes

Product Specifications

Product CodeSizeCircumferenceHeight
5-01-COL001-2-SSmall10-13 inch2.25 inch
5-01-COL001-2-MMedium13-16 inch2.25 inch
5-01-COL001-2-LLarge16-19 inch2.25 inch
5-01-COL001-2-XLX-Large19-22 inch2.25 inch
5-01-COL001-3-SSmall10-13 inch3.25 inch
5-01-COL001-3-MMedium13-16 inch3.25 inch
5-01-COL001-3-LLarge16-19 inch3.25 inch
5-01-COL001-3-XLX-Large19-22 inch3.25 inch
5-01-COL001-4-SSmall10-13 inch4.25 inch
5-01-COL001-4-MMedium13-16 inch4.25 inch
5-01-COL001-4-LLarge16-19 inch4.25 inch
5-01-COL001-4-XLX-Large19-22 inch4.25 inch
5-01-COL001-5-SSmall10-13 inch5.25 inch
5-01-COL001-5-MMedium13-16 inch5.25 inch
5-01-COL001-5-LLarge16-19 inch5.25 inch
5-01-COL001-5-XLX-Large19-22 inch5.25 inch