Friction wrist connector (for prosthetic socket lamination)


Features and Benefits

The wrist connectors connect between our gloves and the prosthetic socket.


  • Included a friction unit connector, an adjustment collar, and a thread stud
  • Provides constant friction with adjustable collar
  • Three sizes friction wrist connector and two kinds of thread

Product Specifications

Product CodeShapeThreadStudSize
4-02-WC-MT-LOval shapeM12x1.5Male/FemaleL (55x39x16mm)
4-02-WC-IM-LOval shape1/2”-20Male/FemaleL (55x39x16mm)
4-02-WC-MT-MOval shapeM12x1.5Male/FemaleM (49x38x16mm)
4-02-WC-IM-MOval shape1/2”-20Male/FemaleM (49x38x16mm)
4-02-WC-MT-SOval shapeM12x1.5Male/FemaleS (38x28x16mm)
4-02-WC-IM-SOval shape1/2”-20Male/FemaleS (38x28x16mm)