Sanding sleeve


Features and Benefits

Our sanding sleeve is used in the process of wearing down and buffing routers and covers the sanding drum.


  • Available in various sizes and grit.
  • Sanding sleeve need to go with Sanding Drum (4-02-SD)

Product Specifications

Product CodeSizeGrit #Compatible with
4-02-SL01-040Φ72.5 x L200mm404-02-SD01
4-02-SL01-060Φ72.5 x L200mm604-02-SD01
4-02-SL01-080Φ72.5 x L200mm804-02-SD01
4-02-SL01-100Φ72.5 x L200mm1004-02-SD01
4-02-SL02-040Φ45 x L70mm404-02-SD02
4-02-SL02-060Φ45 x L70mm604-02-SD02
4-02-SL02-080Φ45 x L70mm804-02-SD02
4-02-SL02-100Φ45 x L70mm1004-02-SD02
4-02-SL03-060Φ25 x L45mm604-02-SD03
4-02-SL03-080Φ25 x L45mm804-02-SD03
4-02-SL03-100Φ25 x L45mm1004-02-SD03