TRANSFEMORAL Soft Silicone Liner – Adapt


Features and Benefits

The ADAPT liner is a silicone gel liner embedded with mineral oil providing skin healing factors. The soft gel with flexible fabric allows snug fit of various contours without restriction. The liner conforms very nicely while providing comfort. It is suitable for moderate to high activity patients.


  • Built-in matrix to prevent elongation

Product Specifications

Product CodeCircumferenceLength
3-01-3092L-30300mmaround 370mm
3-01-3092L-32320mmaround 370mm
3-01-3092L-34340mmaround 370mm
3-01-3092L-36360mmaround 370mm
3-01-3092L-38380mmaround 370mm
3-01-3092L-40400mmaround 370mm
3-01-3092L-45450mmaround 370mm