TRANSFEMORAL Silicone Liner – Forte


Features and Benefits

The Forte liner is a silicone gel liner embedded with mineral oil providing skin healing factors. The liner is made of medical grade silicone and durable seamless fabric for easy putting on and taking off.


  • Built-in matrix to prevent elongation

Product Specifications

Product CodeCircumferenceLength
3-01-3090L-30300mmaround 370mm
3-01-3090L-32320mmaround 370mm
3-01-3090L-34340mmaround 370mm
3-01-3090L-36360mmaround 370mm
3-01-3090L-38380mmaround 370mm
3-01-3090L-40400mmaround 370mm
3-01-3090L-45450mmaround 370mm