Hand-crafted products may experience slight differences between the trial and final product.

Premium Package Glove


Features and Benefits

Our premium package is designed to match with patient’s original skin tone and appearance. We mimic the sound side’s shape and color to create prosthetic devices with a natural outlook.


  • Multiple layering of different color shades
  • Reproduces patient’s existing skin pigmentation, even freckles and spots
  • Using the 3D SCM technique to mirror the shape of the patient’s sound side
  • All applicable upgrade features will be included

Natural Color Selection

Colour selection is very important on making natural skin colour. We will need serval color to fabricate the prosthesis.

Click here to download the form and follow the instruction to provide the color code.


Natural Skin Color

  • Human skin reacts differently to the various environment and the temperature.
  • Natural Skin Color is based on the colors taken from the patients at certain time and place. Therefore, the prostheses with Natural Skin Color may not appear exactly as the sound limbs at certain time period.


  • The nail shapes and skin patterns are still based on Regal’s existing sizes. This new technique only works on the limb shape.
  • The accuracy of the casting will affect the final result. So, the shaping of prostheses may not be 100% mirror of the sound Limbs at certain conditions.

Upgrade Features

  • All the upgrade features will be added on Final only, but the Trial will have the Natural Skin Color and 3D SCM for patient’s approval.
  • Features will be chosen base on patient’s residual limb situation.

Buying Process

Premium Package

Select Model
Measurement & Select Size
Select Color
Cast Taking
Order Placement
Trial Prosthesis
Final prosthesis

Click here to see the demonstration on Cask Taking for Premium Package creation process.

Instruction for Use

Please download the instruction for use here: